Types of IV Therapy


Intravenous therapy is the supply of liquid substances directly into a vein as a therapeutic treatment. It commonly referred to as drips. IV therapy is mostly practiced in hospital and health centres and is critical in our lives today. The delivery of fluids that our bodies lack and really need saves many lives, making IV therapy a life saver. There are four types of IV therapy; to provide fluids, to provide drugs, to administer blood products, and the IV wellness therapy.

IV hydration therapy that provides fluids to our bodies is usually done to provide water solutions to a person’s body to keep them hydrated and to replace any blood volume that a person may have lost during an accident. It is common especially in emergency rooms before any diagnosis has been done to a patient and can also be used during the recovery process.

Mobile IV  therapy for drugs supplies medication to a person’s body. This is mostly common after surgeries or after a doctor’s prescription to deliver healing properties to a person’s body faster than the ingestion of drugs would to counter a disease or health condition.

IV therapy for the administration of blood products is applicable in cases of blood transfusion. It transfers a donor’s blood into the blood system of a recipient to boost their blood volume. This is mostly applicable in the hospital when a person has suffered a great loss of blood due to surgery or injury.

The IV wellness therapy is a new trend in healthcare where drips are used to hydrate and supply other nutrients to a person’s body system to improve their wellness, not necessarily for medical purposes. It is mostly done by celebrities and people who have very busy lives such that it is not easy for them to keep up with diets that are the basic caterer for their wellness. IV wellness therapy is also great for people who suffer conditions like arthritis and Lyme disease to help them cope with their health challenges better.

Whatever the purpose of the IV therapy, the aim of the process is usually to deliver real health benefits to those who use it. The effects are always positive and they revitalize a person’s health in a short period. However, IV therapy should be monitored by health experts to avoid any complications that can lead to adverse consequences. They should also adhere to all safety precautions recommended by medical experts. Learn more at this website http://www.encyclopedia.com/medicine/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/intravenous-therapy about iv therapy.


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